First Kieser physiotherapy centre opens in Switzerland

Kieser focuses on the strong synergy of training and physiotherapy

Physiotherapy - launch of a new business model

Zurich, 01.03.2024. Since 1967 and in over 170 studios in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Australia, the Kieser brand has stood for health-orientated strength training.

It has become world-famous in particular thanks to its extreme specialisation in back health and the machines designed and built specifically for this purpose. From the very beginning, founder Werner Kieser claimed a completely new segment for himself and positioned himself between the fitness and health markets with his deliberately airy and bright Bauhaus-style premises. Today, the company is once again focussing more strongly on its beginnings, medical strengthening therapy, and is opening its first specially managed physiotherapy practice as a new line of business.

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